Quel « chapeau » portez-vous?

Le modèle « chapeaux et pièces » pour favoriser la bonne communication au sein des familles entrepreneuriales Pour les familles entrepreneuriales qui se préoccupent de leurs transitions intergénérationnelles, la communication peut vite devenir complexe, car le rôle (chapeaux) de chacun est appelé…

The Purposeful and Empathic Enterprising Family Leadership Journey

Vers un leadership cohérent et empathique de la famille entrepreneuriale : Préparer le terrain

The adage «Failing to plan is planning to fail» may be applicable to enterprising families. Transforming from a single business founder to a multigenerational enterprising family organization means shifting from an «I» to a «We» leadership mindset. To keep a system of many kin in harmony for many family generations as opposed to just worrying about self can be quite complex. This article aims to seed ideas about the building blocks enabling the pursuit of enterprising family organizational longevity with purpose and empathy.

Is family governance much ado about nothing?

La gouvernance familiale : Est-ce un atout?

Governance conjures up images of government and country, or even board of directors and publicly-listed corporations. For many of us, automatically linking a governing body to family is not clear cut. However, for significant and long-lived enterprising families faced with evolving organizational complexity, family governance becomes a necessity for their longevity and prosperity. Family governance without strategic family leadership foretells eventual impairment of family wealth and relationships.