The Chief Learning & Development Office for Significant Enterprising Families

Honour their roots, be adaptive, and live purposefully for generations

The biggest challenge for the business family is the business of family!

Crysalia helps you overcome this challenge and build your winning conditions

Enable sustainable Enterprising Family leadership

Enterprising Families who set a common vision, seek family alignment, and commit to a deliberate family learning journey together, are more likely to sustain their wealth & wellness, and lead with purpose beyond three generations.

Create winning conditions for the Enterprising Family members

To create winning conditions, look to know thyself, seek to know others and share to know thy context. We believe that when every family member learns to cocreate those conditions, the entire family system gets empowered to perform at a higher level.

Sustain Enterprising Family leadership

To sustain family leadership, significant Enterprising Families grow family members and relationships over their lifetimes. We know that having multiple family member voices and hearing those voices nurture engagement, the sense of belonging, the readiness to learn, and the ability to adapt.