About us

We partner with significant Enterprising Families to manage the human and social dimensions of their family capital for generations

Our story

We listened to many significant Enterprising Families about their needs and concerns. Through conversations and research, we concluded that a majority of Enterprising Families agree with this statement: ...developing the family leadership talent pool for the next generations is a high priority. Paradoxically, we estimate that 92% of those same families will materially impair their family wealth and wellness within 3 generations. Less than 1% will make it beyond 200 years.

Why is Enterprising Family wealth & wellness at risk?

Put simply, a great amount of time and energy is spent on the management of financial and physical assets, while proportionally speaking, not enough attention and resources are allocated to the Enterprising Family’s human and social aspects of their wealth.

We created CRYSALIA to set Enterprising Families on a deliberate learning and developmental journey. CRYSALIA is a service devoted solely to the significant Enterprising Family’s complex human and social capital needs. CRYSALIA can help prepare all family members to live purposefully and contribute to the many impactful conversations and endeavors within an Enterprising Family ecosystem.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to help Enterprising Families and its members honour their roots, be adaptive, and live purposefully for generations.

We support Enterprising Families succeed multi-generationally by creating and delivering deliberate learning journeys for their family members. Our learning journeys provide diverse experiences for Enterprising Families to adapt and align their leadership skills with their family's strategy and the attainment of their individual, family, corporate, and community goals.

Our team

Crysalia was born from a deliberate intention and a passion to transform Enterprising Families so they can continue to flourish for generations. Our company is organized to operate as one. A multidisciplinary Impact Team focused on the human and social capital of our clients. We combine the insights of strategic management, governance, business acumen, brand leadership and organizational psychology to make sure that the business of family does not undermine the family business.

Patricia Saputo

Executive Chairperson of the Board

& Strategic Advisor

FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, TEP, DTax, Certified Wealth Transition Coach and Financial Coach, Patricia is a well-established leader in the Enterprising Family community. After working in Deloitte’s tax department, she brought her experience to the Single Family Office space and expanded her role in the areas of accounting, tax, life insurance, investments, as well as Estate, Succession and Legacy planning. Part of an Enterprising Family herself, she brings tremendous insights into the Crysalia’s offering.

Mark W. Auger


As a former Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer of a significant Enterprising Family’s investment company, Mark uncovered investment opportunities and managed risks, and was also focused on business family multigenerational leadership development & professionalization. Mark has served Canadian Enterprising Families for more than 25 years in multiple entrepreneurial, advisory, coaching & mentoring, and executive roles. Mark’s doctoral thesis, Built to Last, Exploring Family Strategy in Dynastic Business Families, is foundational in the creation of Crysalia.

Jean Phaneuf

Strategic Advisor

& Organizational Psychologist

Founding President of Analys, Jean has supported thousands of leaders throughout North America and Europe since 1989. Known for his capacity to help leaders go through major challenges, he builds rich partnerships resulting in greater efficiency and fundamental positive changes. Jean’s research and thought leadership represent a fundamental part of Crysalia’s contents and tools to guide our client experience and enrich their learning and developmental journey.

Caroline Phaneuf

Chief Learning Development Officer

& Leadership Coach

With 15 years of experience working in corporate strategy, innovation, business development and client services teams of large corporations, Caroline is a skilled coach and facilitator. She helps leaders and teams get clarity on both their goals and how to achieve them. She helps her clients see their challenges through new perspectives and rearranging information in unexpected ways to deliver the desired impact.

Julie-Élaine Phaneuf

Chief Content Officer

& Organizational Psychologist

Julie-Élaine has an advanced understanding of Crysalia’s extensive learning and development programs and models. She can effectively adapt them to clients’ needs and craft learning experiences customized to help family members gain self-awareness and reach their full potential. Julie-Élaine holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology and a BA in Psychology.

Julie Gauvin


& Leadership Coach

Julie has 24 years of experience as an executive, strategist, mentor and consultant with companies of all sizes, across a variety of industries. She directed several business transformations and helped individuals, teams and brands solidify their positioning, manage their brand image, transform their mindset and accelerate their growth.

Louise Desaulniers


Client service focused, Louise has over 20 years of experience in project coordination and customer service. Louise is familiar with the application of Crysalia’s leadership tools, content and the various assessment tools, which makes her very efficient and effective in her role as coordinator.