About us

We partner with Enterprising Families to manage the human and social dimensions of their family capital for generations.

Vision & Mission

Crysalia helps enterprising families and their members honor their roots, be adaptive, and live purposefully for generations.

We act as the Chief Learning and Development Officer of each Enterprising Family we serve.

Why do families retain the services of a Chief Learning and Development Office (CLDO)?

Each family — and family member — have their unique reasons to retain professional services. These are the most frequent ones:

  • To manage the transitions in their family's leadership, control, and ownership through time.
  • To complement the work of other trusted advisors.
  • To help facilitate the critical conversations required for family cohesion and longevity.
  • To help craft and implement a governance structure aligned with their needs and intentions.
  • To develop the​ ​adaptive ​mindset required to navigate the multiple hats and interests inherent in enterprising families’ complex dynamics.
  • To proactively ensure the next generation is better equipped to take over the stewardship of the family's wealth than the previous generation.
  • To give a renewed and sustainable purpose to their wealth.

Crysalia’s Team

Crysalia was born from a desire to help enterprising families transform so they can continue to flourish for generations. The multidisciplinary team is grounded in the science of organizational psychology and inspired by well-researched relevant disciplines.

To be the stewards of your enterprising family's learning and development, Crysalia combines 150+ years of experience in enterprising family ecosystem experience and knowledge, coaching and leadership development, organizational psychology, change management, culture transformation, and governance planning and management.

Patricia Saputo
Patricia Saputo

Cofounder, Executive Chairperson

of the Board & Strategic Advisor

FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, TEP, DTax, Certified Wealth Transition Coach, and Financial Coach, Patricia is a well-established leader in the enterprising family community. After working in Deloitte's tax department, she brought her experience to the Single Family Office space. She expanded her role in the areas of accounting, tax, life insurance, and investments, as well as estate, succession, and legacy planning. As part of an enterprising family, she brings tremendous insights into Crysalia's offering.

Jean Phaneuf
Jean Phaneuf

Cofounder, Strategic Advisor

& Organizational Psychologist 

Founding President of Analys Leadership, Jean has supported thousands of leaders throughout North America and Europe since 1989. Known for his capacity to help leaders and organizations go through major challenges, he builds rich partnerships resulting in greater efficiency and fundamental positive changes. Jean's research and thought leadership represent a fundamental part of Crysalia's contents and tools to guide our client experience and enrich their learning and developmental journey.

Caroline Phaneuf
Caroline Phaneuf


& Managing Partner

​​​Caroline combines her experience as a second generation business family member to ​15 years of experience in leadership, strategy, and transition management. A skilled coach and facilitator, ​​she​ helps families and leaders take a fresh look at their challenges, navigate critical conversations, and transform the dynamics in place to achieve their goals. She also heads Analys Leadership, Crysalia’s division specializing in leadership development, corporate strategy and organizational transformation for businesses.

Julie-Elaine Phaneuf
Julie-Élaine Phaneuf, PhD

Cofounder, Chief Content Officer

& Organizational Psychologist 

Julie-Élaine has an advanced understanding of Crysalia's extensive learning and development programs and models. She can effectively adapt them to clients’ needs and craft learning experiences customized to help family members gain self-awareness and reach their full potential. Julie-Élaine holds a PhD in organizational psychology and a BA in psychology and joined Analys full-time in 2013.

Julie Gauvin
Julie Gauvin

​​Cofounder​​,​​ ​CMO

& Chief Learning and Development Officer

Julie has 25 years of experience as an executive, strategist, mentor and consultant with companies of all sizes, and across a variety of industries. Julie supports individuals, families and organizations in change management, culture transformation, leadership development and executive coaching. Convinced that performance comes first and foremost through self-awareness and self-regulation, she helps decision-makers, among other things, develop their leadership posture by exploring their inner strengths and the mental models that may affect their ability to reach their full potential.

Valerie Sanchez

Chief Learning and Development Officer  


Valerie is a certified executive coach, team facilitator, and trainer with 25 years of international leadership experience in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. Passionate about developing human capital in business and in families, she is recognized for her mastery of communication techniques that promote emotional intelligence designed to navigate complex professional and relational contexts. She is also an active member of the international ‘Climat Coaching’ Alliance.

Ana Gavrancic, D.Ps.

Chief Learning and Development Officer

A doctor in organizational psychology, Ana has 15 years of experience in consulting and human capital management within small, medium, and large companies. She uses her skills as a strategist, project manager, facilitator, and coach to lead clients to ask the right questions, find original answers, and obtain the desired results with maximum impact. 

AnnaGiampà _headshot
Anna Giampà, MBA, FEA

Chief Learning and Development Officer

Anna is a certified Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) with over 20 years of consulting experience working with entrepreneurs and organizational leaders in the areas of business planning, corporate strategy, and communications. Anna leverages her personal family business experience, composite career path and varied educational background in supporting clients’ complex needs. She holds an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, a Graduate Diploma in Journalism and a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Cell Biology.

Louise retouches 1
Louise Desaulniers

Office Manager

Louise has more than 20 years' experience in project coordination and customer service. Louise is well versed in the application of Crysalia's leadership resources, materials and various assessment resources, making her highly effective and efficient in her role as Office Manager. She is responsible for supporting the financial management, and works with the team with rigor and discretion.

An avid hiker, Louise has traveled to over 75 countries. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, museums and cultural visits.

Jamil Mokadi

Data Analyst & Project Manager

Data enthusiast, adventurous traveler, and polyglot, Jamil is a seasoned and versatile data analyst skilled in statistical data analysis, Python, R, SQL, data analytics, and threat and vulnerability management, with a Bachelor of Commerce focused on business technology management and data intelligence from Concordia University.