Analys Leadership

Transforming individuals, teams and organizations to reveal their full potential.


Who we are

Founded in 1989 by Jean Phaneuf, one of the co-founders of Crysalia, Analys Leadership is an advisory firm specializing in corporate strategy, leadership development, and organizational transformation. Renowned for our strategic and personalized approach, we draw on our comprehensive diagnostics, strategic frameworks, psychometric tests and proprietary tools to deliver tailor-made client experiences. Our collection of proven content and advisory work positively supports and accelerates the transformation of individuals, teams, and organizations. 


Our approach

Our approach is based on our 35 years of experience and observation of human dynamics in the workplace. Our methods have been fueled by our clients' experience , our consultants’ expertise, and the integration of proven research and models in the fields of leadership development and organizational transformation.  

Our exclusive Normal-Pressure model and our extensive content library are the foundations on which we propel the development of your managers and leaders.  

Enabling your leaders to understand, name and act according to your objectives is at the heart of every initiative we undertake. As such, we help you establish the winning conditions to quickly set your people on the road to success, and to achieve profound, concrete and lasting results together.   


Our services

Analys offers a range of personalized leadership development services.

Individual Coaching

To optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of professionals and leaders

The coaching process allows managers and leaders to develop their leadership skills. Our personalized approach helps them reflect on their behaviour at work and their interactions with others. By giving the participant the tools and support they need, our certified coaches contribute to elevating their professional posture and maximizing the depth of their personal development.

Leadership Diagnostic

To understand and promote leadership and emerging talent

Thanks to our unique and scientifically validated model anchored on a proven combination of psychometric assessments, the Leadership Diagnostic identifies a person's motivation factors, their preferred thinking styles and potential areas for development. Leveraging our secure online platform and our proprietary interpretation algorithm, each participant will receive an eye-opening report with in-depth feedback. These constitute a solid foundation upon which to anchor the selection or development of your people. 

360° evaluation

To understand the impact of a leader in their environment

360° feedback makes it possible to compare a leader's self-assessment of their skills and behaviours with the perceived impact experienced by their colleagues (superiors, peers, employees, and clients). Analys leverages its Normal-Pressure model to contextualize the management and leadership skills assessed. The 360° interpretation report constitutes a solid base to support individual coaching. 

Change management

To achieve sustainable transformation

Any change management process must include the human element. To manage change effectively, it is important to understand the behaviour and concerns of those involved. That is why we approach any transformation from the angle of readiness for change. Our participatory approach enables a deep understanding of the dynamics at play, rallies people behind a shared vision and enables the implementation of concrete action plans. It gives all the stakeholders the tools they need to the transformation a success. 

Training programs and team coaching

To mobilize and develop high-performing teams

Our training programs and participatory workshops are designed to enable participants to quickly integrate new and insightful concepts in their reality for maximum impact. Our team coaching processes enable your leaders to rally and pivot by reframing problems, capturing what is truly at stake and offering them new lenses to reach a position to succeed.  Whether it is through the adaptation of our Bootcamp Leadership program or tailor-made workshops, our proven content and experienced coaches will help your team evolve in a desired direction, create winning conditions, become more performance, and we help you unlock their potential.  

Team and employee surveys

For an in-depth diagnosis and an informed perspective

Our surveys provide an accurate picture of people’s perception of key factors impacting them. Whether you seek a comprehensive diagnosis, a better understanding certain strategic dimensions or to support a coaching process, our surveys provide you with clear findings and tangible recommendations. From assessing the organizational climate, to maximizing openness to change, to mapping the profiles of key stakeholders, we can shed light on the state of your human capital. 

Strategic thinking

For decision-making that takes advantage of all your collective intelligence

Any team of leaders must know how to make joint decisions effectively. Our strategic thinking support solutions assist you when you need an extra boost to unravel a complex situation, resolve tension points or adopt a new posture. By leveraging our proven facilitation tools and methods, our powerful methods will help optimize your strategic planning, restructuring, transformation, innovation, or conflict management efforts.