Crysalia helps develop the family human capital as a means to grow and protect their financial capital for generations.

The Chief Learning & Development Office is designed to sustain your enterprising family resources' depth, breadth, and impact. This is achieved by facilitating a safe environment in which contributing members of the family ecosystem are empowered to become stewards of significant wealth.

Crysalia provides tools and real-life experiences that help non-family and family members better understand the unique context in which they operate, find their voice, contribute meaningfully to challenging conversations, and create the desired impact they aspire to — for themselves and for others.

The solutions provided are based on where the family is on its journey, its alignment stages, and where it wants to be moving forward. Based on their unique context, we leverage different approaches to identify agreeable solutions.

Succession Planning

Transitions of ownership between generations are often one of the most significant and emotional life events family members will have to face in their lifetime. But families don’t have to go through them alone. Crysalia helps clients understand their mutual concerns and interests while managing the multiple roles, contexts, and maturity stages of the journey involved in such an important transition at the family, ownership, or business level.

Family Leadership Development

Leadership development at the individual and family levels sets the foundation for achieving all individual and family goals. Leadership styles and preferences vary from one generation to the next and from one person to the next, and different contexts call for different types of leadership. Crysalia designs and facilitates family workshops, exercises, leadership coaching, and individual touchpoints to help every family member understand, develop, and transform their leadership skills as individuals and as a group.

Family Governance

Governance should be at the service of the family's needs and goals, and not the other way around. Depending on the maturity, size, and complexity of the family wealth, different types of governance — informal, formalized, or professionalized — can be explored to serve the interests of all stakeholders and shareholders. Crysalia helps put in place and facilitate the appropriate governance mindsets and mechanisms, which enables a shared sense of accountability aligning with common guiding principles and values.

Individual Assessments

Predispositions, personalities, life experiences, and beliefs all shape human behaviors and interactions. It is a lifetime's work to understand our personal triggers, name our key levers, and acknowledge our differences. Crysalia believes that the leaders of tomorrow who develop a higher level of self-awareness can achieve more meaningful goals. Proven behavioral assessment tools developed by Crysalia's organizational psychology experts help individuals gain self-awareness, deepen their sense of purpose, and gain clarity on how they can best contribute to different aspects of the enterprising family and beyond. 

Critical Conversations Facilitation

Dynamics among members of enterprising families are complex and often charged with emotional stories and dilemmas. As an unbiased partner for the family, Crysalia facilitates critical conversations with a neutral perspective. Our team dedicates its toolbox of experience and expertise to helping your family navigate tension points, make decisions, and build a common path that leads to the desired outcomes.

Family Identity and Legacy

Crysalia is keenly aware of the pressure and responsibilities that come with carrying the legacy of a well-established family. Some business families build their future on the foundations laid by their predecessors while being responsible for defining it for future generations, while others carry the legacy of a well-established ​​​​​​family. Crysalia combines different techniques to co-create a common understanding of the family's roots. This gives purpose to wealth, and helps navigate fluid boundaries that define individual, family, and enterprising family identity.

Benefits for the Enterprising Family


Family members personal growth and freedom to choose


Purposeful sense of belonging motivated by the clarity of self and others

Leadership Capacity and Succession

An adaptive multigenerational Enterprising Family leadership talent pool

Longevity of Family Capital

Innovation and strategic renewal