We help our clients grow as individuals, connect as a family, and live purposefully for generations

The Chief Learning & Development Office is designed to sustain the depth, the breadth, and the impact of your multigenerational Enterprising Family talent pool. This is achieved by facilitating a harmonious environment in which contributing members of the family ecosystem are empowered to become stewards of significant wealth.


The Crysalia Impact Team, as a group of interdisciplinary experts, accompanies the Enterprising Family members on their bespoke learning and development journey. Our PREPARE proprietary framework is designed to unleash the adaptive leadership capacity of your family members and enable the longevity of your Enterprising Family wealth and wellness from one generation to the next.

The 7 facets of PREPARE guide learning journeys for each Enterprising Family and its family members. PREPARE is composed of a number of solutions for discovery, learning, and development at the individual and family level:

Family Talent Assessment

To better plan for the future, the Enterprising Family needs to understand the current state of its family talent pool. Our evaluation steps include a series of assessments tools to help draw a clear picture of the family and individual strengths. The insights from these assessments drive developmental opportunities aligned with the Enterprising Family’s strategy.

Family Ecosystem Mapping

Significant Enterprising Families are complex adaptive systems. There are many moving parts which are known and understood by few. We work with the family and its family champion to map out many of the system’s components to create a plan of the family ecosystem. The Enterprising Family’s past and the current state of the business of family are integrated for them to build a common language which ensures more productive conversations.

Family Leadership Development

The PREPARE learning path provides multiple exercises, workshops, and executive coaching to help every family member understand, develop, and transform their individual and group leadership skills.

Family Governance

To give structure, responsibility, and accountability, Crysalia provides strategic planning and governance services so the Enterprising Family’s learning journey is organized, aligned, and monitored in such a way as to achieve the stated objectives.

Family Brand Building

A family brand implies legacy and reputation. It is a resource which demands care and attention. A family brand attracts investment, philanthropic, and talent opportunities. The bigger the brand, the bigger the expectations. Crysalia is keenly aware of the pressure and the responsibilities that come with carrying the name of a well-established family brand. From the best brand management practices adapted for significant Enterprising Families, we evaluate and align the family brand with its family strategy.

Learning Expeditions

Crysalia believes in the power of learning-by-doing and the magic of human interactions. We enable multiple learning and sharing opportunities through innovative experiences, whether they take place online or off-line. We also leverage existing Family gatherings to fully integrate the experience for all participating members.

Benefits for the Enterprising Family


Family members personal growth and freedom to choose


Purposeful sense of belonging motivated by the clarity of self and others

Leadership Capacity and Succession

An adaptive multigenerational Enterprising Family leadership talent pool

Longevity of Family Capital

Innovation and strategic renewal