Crysalia announces the departure of CEO and co-founder, Mark W. Auger.

Montreal, June 13, 2022 – Following the completion of his doctorate in management degree on dynastic business families and his former roles as COO and CIO in a multigenerational business family, Mark co-founded Crysalia in 2021 with the vision that enterprising families need a new class of trusted advisors to prepare and manage the family’s leadership and ownership multigenerational transitions. “For transitions to succeed, bespoken group and individual journeys should be structured and managed, and not left as ad hoc and disconnected episodes… Enterprising families are yearning for a process and dedicated expert teams who understand family dynamics to support their change management initiatives. Enterprising family longevity requires cohesiveness and harmony which need family leadership and ownership competency preparation,” says Mark. “We are grateful to Mark for bringing us all together to build Crysalia as a distinct service provider in the enterprising family ecosystem,” says Patricia Saputo, executive chairperson of Crysalia.

“The Crysalia team is capable and ready to take the company to the next level. This makes it a suitable time for me to exit and rest up before pursuing my next endeavours in the global enterprising family community,” added Mark. Jean Phaneuf, Crysalia co-founder and an organizational psychologist says: “We wish Mark success in his future endeavors.”

About Crysalia Inc. Our vision is to help Enterprising Families and their members honor their roots, be adaptive, and live purposefully for generations. We help Enterprising Families succeed multi-generationally by creating and delivering deliberate learning journeys for their family members. Our learning journeys provide diverse experiences for Enterprising Families to adapt and align their leadership skills with their family’s strategy and the attainment of their individual, family, corporate, and community goals.

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