Patricia Saputo launches Crysalia, the Chief Learning & Development Office for Enterprising Families

Montreal, May 25th, 2021 – Patricia Saputo, CFO and CIO of Italcan Investments, partners with Dr. Mark W. Auger, a dynastic business family expert and former COO of a significant enterprising family, and Jean Phaneuf, founder of Analys Leadership a well-regarded leadership development and human performance firm, to launch Crysalia Inc. 

Mark Auger, CEO of the newly created Crysalia states «We know from family business research and from our discussions with many significant Enterprising Families that developing the family leadership talent pool for future generations is a strategic priority. Yet, we estimate 92% of enterprising families are likely to significantly impair their wealth and wellness before they reach the 3rd generation. We want to play a key role in reversing the odds of such unfortunate outcomes by providing Enterprising Families with an adaptive learning journey.  We felt the need to do something now».

Jean Phaneuf, an organizational psychologist and executive coach, adds: « We are fully aware that Enterprising Families have access to highly competent external financial and legal advisors and within their Family Office. What enterprising families are missing is access to an independent and skilled office focused on stewarding the family’s human and social capital with the same commitment as their physical and financial assets. Crysalia was created to help significant Enterprising Families succeed multi-generationally in their leadership successions by delivering deliberate learning journeys so family members of this impactful community can reach their full potential».

«We act as their dedicated Chief Learning and Development Office with the goal to help prepare all family members to live purposefully and contribute to their community in a meaningful and impactful way» says Patricia Saputo.

Crysalia applies the scientific and practical insights of strategic management, governance, business acumen, brand leadership and organizational psychology to make sure that the business of family elevates the enterprising family.  

“We created Crysalia to set Enterprising Families on a deliberate learning and developmental journey, which includes family governance management, onboarding the next generations, family talent assessment, and coaching, so that their economic and human contributions to society can go on for generations” says Jean Phaneuf.

Analys, as a business unit of Crysalia, will continue to serve the needs of our corporate clientele.

About Crysalia Inc.

Our vision is to help Enterprising Families and their members honor their roots, be adaptive, and live purposefully for generations.

We help Enterprising Families succeed multi-generationally by creating and delivering deliberate learning journeys for their family members. Our learning journeys provide diverse experiences for Enterprising Families to adapt and align their leadership skills with their family’s strategy and the attainment of their individual, family, corporate, and community goals.  

Julie Gauvin
Co-founder & CMO