Crysalia welcomes Valérie Sanchez and Sasha Elbaz to its team

Crysalia is pleased to welcome Valérie Sanchez and Sasha Elbaz to its expanding team. Valérie will serve as one of our Chief Learning & Development Officers, while Sasha will fill the position of Junior Learning & Development Advisor.

As we continue to grow, our clients will reap the benefits of our multidisciplinary team’s wealth of experience.

Valérie strengthens the impact team in the delivery of client services and operations. Sasha, who is pursuing a doctoral degree in organizational psychology, will focus on developing new technology-driven solutions.

“I’ve had the chance these past few years to work alongside Caroline Phaneuf,” says Valérie. “I immediately recognized our common values and shared vision in helping clients identify their winning conditions and reach their full potential. When I met the rest of the Crysalia team, I rapidly realized I wanted to be part of this great venture at the service of human capital.”

Sasha is equally excited by his new opportunity. “Crysalia allows me to marry my passion for organizational psychology with my interest in the complex human dynamics underpinning business family ecosystems. I am delighted to be able to continue my own development while contributing to Crysalia’s mission.”

“Valérie and Sasha are wonderful additions to the Crysalia team at a time when a growing number of projects are taking shape. I have no doubt that we will soon see the impact of their diverse experience and expertise on our growth and development,” says Caroline Phaneuf, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Crysalia.

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