Crysalia is pleased to welcome Anna Giampà

March 4th, 2024 

As Crysalia continues to grow, we take great pleasure in welcoming our newest member to the team: Anna Giampà who will be joining our team of Chief Learning and Development Officers. 

An MBA and certified Family Enterprise Advisor, Anna comes to Crysalia with over 20 years’ experience stemming from personal family business roles, a multifaceted career path and educational credentials in the areas of science, business, and journalism.  As such, Anna has expertise in an array of contexts including strategic, financial and operations management as well as being a skilled communicator and educator.   

Anna shares: “I am delighted to be joining Crysalia and look forward to leveraging my diverse background as a conduit for connecting with families in profound ways.  I am especially eager to embark on this journey with a team of like-minded individuals, united by a shared passion for human capital development and an unparalleled client focus.  I am energized by the collective strength we provide to enterprising families on their journey to building their legacy.” 

“As we continue to expand the breadth and depth of our team, we are thrilled to welcome Anna. Since Crysalia enables enterprising families and organizations to develop their human capital, finding the perfect addition to our expanding multidisciplinary team was key. Anna’s warm personality, unique blend of expertise and FEA designation made her an obvious fit from the start. The entire team is looking forward to making an even greater positive impact with her,” adds Caroline Phaneuf, Cofounder and Managing Partner of Crysalia.  

Our continued expansion is a testament to our dedication to excellence and to meeting the evolving needs of our clients.  

Crysalia is the Chief Learning & Development Office for Enterprising Families. Honour their roots, be adaptive, live purposefully for generations.