A conversation between Caroline Phaneuf and Patricia Saputo on Navigating Roles and Rooms 

Navigating Roles and Rooms: How to Build A Family Learning Mindset to Create Longevity  Katie Darnall from Trusted Family hosts a conversation between Caroline Phaneuf and Patricia Saputo from Crysalia, who explore how identifying and developing awareness of the different…


Family Dynamics Insights – Interview with Patricia Saputo

Ovidiu Schiopu, COO of NCP Digital Family Office, talks with Patricia Saputo, an established leader in the enterprising family community. Patricia and Ovidiu discuss Patricia’s experience, the importance of human capital, family business challenges and how to solve common pitfalls…

Leadership Succession in the Enterprising Family

Why is the Chief Learning and Development Office different from a Family Office? 

How do effective governance and multi-generational leadership influence the longevity of wealth and wellness for your Enterprising Family?